December 9, 2016 at 11 a.m.

Website Accessibility for All: Practical Strategies for Meeting Compliance Requirements 

As an essential communication tool, our publics rely on websites to provide key information about our schools and the business of the district. A new challenge now looms in meeting federal requirements – and for some districts addressing U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights complaints – to ensure that district and school websites are accessible to individuals with disabilities. This program will provide some insight along with practical steps and strategies for sharing online content in ways that meet these requirements.

Panelists: Jessica Scheckton, assistant director, communications and public relations, Capital Region BOCES, Albany, N.Y; and Jean Tower, director, media and digital learning, Needham (Mass.) Public Schools

Moderator: Terry Locke, director, community relations, Chandler (Ariz.) Unified School District


  • Ankeny Community School District, 306 SW School Street, Ankeny
    Host: Samantha Kampman – 515-289-3950
  • Grant Wood Area Education Agency, 4401 Sixth Street SW, Cedar Rapids
    Host: Renee Nelson – 319-399-6714

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